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Tantric Masseuse Marbella in Erotic Massage Center

We are proud to introduce you to our team of erotic masseuse Marbella, all of whom have been personally selected and trained by tantra master Gerard Ribó. They have reached the highest level you will find anywhere, in any of the international cities where we give nuru massages at centres, hotels or homes.

Our cast of luxury erotic masseuses all have different characters, to give you a variety to choose from, but they all share the characteristics that make our agency unique.


An erotic masseuse or male masseur is not born, she becomes one. This is why we train all our staff on an ongoing basis. Subject to their level of training and skills, we have divided our sexual masseuse into three levels:

    • Initiated: the tantric masseuse has received basic training and we have verified that she meets the minimum requirements needed to work at our agency. Either way, at this stage she has already attained a higher level than any other place offering tantra massages.
    • Advanced: the masseuse is doing different courses in erotic and tantric massage center in Marbella, learning and improving. She is evolving both as a masseuse and a person, thanks to the massage and meditation techniques she is studying.
  • Devi: she has mastered the techniques of tantric massage and meditation. She is now qualified to practice any of the body to body massages we offer. She may give courses or initiate those who wish to learn in the art of tantric massage center in Marbella, either individually or as a couple.

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